Daniela La Rosa is a Peruvian-born artist, currently residing in Colorado. You can find her art at local farmer's & art markets all over the state, & at local restaurants & venues!

Daniela's work is inspired by experience, allowing her to step into a sacred space of introspection. She has many idols in the visual art world, including but not limited to Charmaine Olivia, Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, and more. 

She has studied Art for over 10 years, but most formally in the first few years. She periodically takes new courses to gain new knowledge, although most of her learning comes from experimentation & learning new mediums and techniques. She plans to study at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in the following years.

Currently, Daniela's adventures are allowing her to paint & work on commissions, while traveling to festivals and other events as a live painter/vendor. She currently works from home as a Freelance Artist. 

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